Friday, October 21, 2016

from one chair to the next

I sometimes think that I should just admit defeat and announce that my blogging days are over. It's getting downright embarrassing, the amount that I don't blog. The gaps between my posts have surpassed mere negligence and are approaching criminality. But then I get a bit of breathing room between writing jobs and suddenly I find I do have a few words left in me after all.  

As is the case now.

These are just some of the things that I have not blogged about during the time span between afternoons spent in deck chairs at the lake and frosty mornings awaiting newspaper delivery in the city (almost two months, for those keeping track):

Back to the lake - the final trip to close down the cottage in September was so glorious and the weather so fine, that we broke with tradition and stayed on an extra day. If anything, we generally head back home a day early.

Master angling - during the waning days of cottage season, the Spousal Unit landed his first official Master Angler brown trout at our lake. On a fly that he tied. Much strutting ensued.

Dinners with family and friends - breaking bread, pies, and curries at our house, their houses, our cottage and as the token elders at an extended family Thanksgiving dinner.

Books read and never discussed - including a Canadian novel that I still intend to review for the Canadian Book Challenge (so stay tuned). Also Mary Roach's latest book and a horror story, written by Stephen King's kid, that I picked up from a Little Free Library near my house. (spoiler: he writes an awful lot like his dad)

Bloggy meetup - the first new bloggy meetup in a very long time. And it was a gooder. During the first snowfall of the year (of course), I met Halifax's finest, the Gifted Typist, during her brief touch-down in my town. We have known each other via the blogosphere - which morphed into the facebookosphere - for ten years. We lunched for three solid hours and still had to leave an entire encyclopedia  of unexplored topics on the table.  

PechaKucha - used to attend these evenings all the time, but have lapsed the past couple of years. The theme was TOPPLE and it was held in a dance studio, suitably.

Power couple shingles vaccination - to celebrate our recent 28th wedding anniversary. Who ever said we are not romantic? This is a bad one, warned the pharmacist. Three days later it still hurts like hell. But that won't stop us from having our Power Couple Flu Vaccination hot date in a week or so.

Consider yourself all caught up. What have you been up to?