Tuesday, April 26, 2016


When there is scaffolding around your house, you tend to stay away from the windows. To maneuvre the delicate etiquette between hired and hiring, you quickly learn the Venn diagram of who owns what space. You both avoid accidental eye contact through the kitchen window.

When there is scaffolding around your house, you open doors slowly. You look up, down, left, right, and back up again.

You go out every morning to talk about the weather and to offer coffee, but you pee with the blinds closed.


Vol-E said...

So, who's the bigger invader? The workers or the woodpeckers?

Hope it's all over with soon, and done right so it stays all over with.

Anytime I read about scaffolding, I think of China, where they use bamboo (or at least they did back in 1992).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The woodpeckers take the marauding invader prize, Vol-E. The scaffolding came down this afternoon and the siding took 10 days to complete. The woodpecker attacks lasted 8 months a year for the past 15 years. No contest!

Bamboo siding would be cool. And tasty. Were you in China yourself?

Vol-E said...

Went there with the ex in '92. Bicycles everywhere. Wonder how much it's really changed in a quarter-century...