Sunday, October 25, 2015

dem bones

 Much as I hate surprises (and can generally/annoyingly sniff them out before they happen), I have to admit I was completely gobsmacked when the Offspring showed up on the doorstep the morning before Thanksgiving. I may even have gotten a wee bit misty. 

The Spousal Unit and the Offspring joined forces to surprise me for the catch-all anniversary/birthday/Thanksgiving weekend (and I believe that the cat's birthday falls in there as well). Can't come home for Thanksgiving, she told me, going to Victoria for the weekend

Nicely played, family! You got me good, real good.

It was a beautiful weekend and the Offspring and I indulged in several long walks to talk, take in the fall colours and work up an appetite for the massive turkey chowdown.

The Offspring has been creating art once again, after a bit of a hiatus. I love the blown-apart spinal column painting that she made for me. Not only does it appeal to my nerdy inner anatomist, it looks fabulous in our kitchen. Plus it makes me want to simmer up a big pot of beef stew.

Everything, it would appear, ultimately reminds me of food.


Erik Donald France said...

You are too funny, Barbara ~ great pix, cheers to all, Unit and Offspring and everybody ~!@

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This conversation alone is making me hungry, Erik!

Vol-E said...

Keep this up, and sooner or later you will be doing what my son's grandmother did: in a restaurant, the server comes over, asks what you'd like, and you reply "Surprise me!"
...the servers, ahem, really loved that...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can just imagine, Vol-E! That reminds me of my mother who, when out at a restaurant for breakfast, was asked how she wanted her eggs prepared. She replied "just normal".