Saturday, July 11, 2015

10 days in 10 pictures

 We sentenced ourselves to ten days of hard labour, the Spousal Unit and I, as we set out on the 1100 km trek across the prairies to bushwhack, wield shovels, water new trees, reclaim beaches and wrastle submerged logs from the lake.

Somehow we have infinitely more energy for strenuous physical tasks there than we ever do at home. Perhaps it's the lower altitude. Perhaps it's the innate push to complete the project.

Amongst all the grunting and sweating and getting muddy, we fit in a daytrip to explore a pretty little town, fished, hosted a couple of dinners with friends, encouraged the city cat to join us on the deck, and paid a visit to the place where we met (astoundingly just two miles down the road). But mostly we just sat and admired our handiwork.


Eugene K said...

Looks beautiful there!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Eugene! It's looking more and more the way we want it to look with each visit.

Erik Donald France said...

SpecTAcular ~ >>> !

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Many thanks, Erik!