Sunday, June 21, 2015

hausfrau's triumphant return

I am no longer camped out in a room stacked high with doors. 

I had been bunking out there since April 27, when a faster than expected demolition of the bathrooms necessitated a hasty tear-down of the master bedroom. Furniture was shoved unceremoniously into any nook that looked large enough, clothes were dragged out of closets and shoved into any other closet that had a few spare inches of rod. The carefully orchestrated arrangement of bathroom necessities that I had arranged along one wall in the office was quickly buried by dressers and mattresses and lamps.

The move back into my own room on June 19 was kick-started by a massive cleaning strategy on par with a wide-scale tactical military offensive. It was the war to end all dust wars. Aside from thrilling the neighbours by having our ducts cleaned at 8:30 on Saturday morning, for the most part the aggression has involved stealth and hand to hand combat. Walls, ceiling lights and every single book and tchotchke on every single shelf and in every single drawer has been hand-cleaned. Because that construction dust shit gets in everywhere.

Of course, when you are cleaning like a deranged ninja hausfrau, you can't be content to just put everything back where it was. You must also completely reconfigure every room and holler down to the Spousal Unit every now and then to help you move that dresser into the other room and carry that bookshelf over there.

Two rooms are now done and I hope to have the entire upper level (including the linen closet that got blasted with drywall dust) clean enough for open heart surgery by the middle of the week. I have a feeling that my gung-ho will start to wane as I reach the lower levels of the house.

In the meantime, being back in my own bed feels sinfully and blissfully luxurious. There is so much space to stretch out and the legs don't wobble every time I turn over. 

There are still a few things for the contractors to finish up, but generally the entire process has gone really smoothly and has been well worth it, even from an aesthetics aspect alone. Exhibit A: before and afters of the bedroom window. Guess which one not only closes all the way, but also opens much wider to let in all the fresh summer air?  

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