Tuesday, June 16, 2015

exit music for a comet lander

What did you dream of, Philae? 

What thoughts troubled your slumber during that endless night? Did you awaken at times, alone and confused, shivering on that tiny wedge of icy rock escaping from the Kuiper Belt?

No one heard you as you cried out for Rosetta. No one held you as you languished there, alone in the dark vastness of space. No one saw how tightly you clung to those rocky crags, how tempted you were at times - as you grew weary and lonely - to simply let go. How easy it would have been to plumet down into the depths of the valley. How effortless to reach out, as if pointing toward home, and instead to spin lazily helplessly forever, out into the farthest emptiest reaches of space. 

But you didn't lose your nerve, plucky little lander, there in the confines of that barren comet, the place of both your salvation and your prison. 

And now the night is done.

Good morning, Philae. Tell us about your dreams.

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