Monday, May 04, 2015

five day fixing

 What a difference a week makes. To your left you see the same view that headed up the previous post, taken four days later. And that's just one room. I may be shopping for a new shower curtain before the week is out.

The brothers continue their no holds barred assault on leaky plumbing and buckled linoleum. With barely enough time lapsed between removal and rebuilding for me to snap a few progress photos, the rebuild is happening at an exhilarating (and accelerated) pace. The latest surprise was the back hall flooring; I returned home from running some brief errands to find it gone. The same thing (but opposite) occurred today, when I returned home from running a brief errand to find it had been tiled.
The brothers are known for their fast, but high quality, work. They are an exercise in efficiency, sometimes too efficient, it seems. Legend has it that one time a guy for whom they built a deck refused to pay them because they got it done too quickly. 

They say of renovations that there are three options: fast, cheap, or good. You can only pick two. I think we picked the right two. 

And with painting started on the bathrooms today and a couple of toilets sitting in our living room waiting to be installed when that is done, I have high hopes that the house guest we are expecting this weekend will not have to pee in the back yard after all.


Erik Donald France said...

Astonishing work. I like the built-in shelf-like areas in the shower. Nifty, all!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That will be very handy for leaving toiletries upon, Erik, all neatly organized, of course.