Tuesday, April 28, 2015

zombie smash

 We expected that day one of renovations - bathroom demolition day - would involve exactly that. We didn't take into account the perfect storm of the no-nonsense efficiency of our contractors, combined with the revelation that there was no mold behind those bathtub walls after all. Bathroom demolition - which no longer necessitated any structural restructuring - was therefore complete in a couple of hours. So they kept going.

Before we knew it, huge hunks of carpet had been ripped from the upstairs hallway and staircases and hauled to the dumpster. Spindles and newel posts and handrails were disassembled and stacked for painting. Debris was swept up and spirited away almost as quickly as it was formed.

And then came the query. Is it okay if we go ahead and rip out the bedroom carpet now, too? A few seconds of panic and holy shit glances passed between the Spousal Unit and I, and then the git-er-dun attitude kicked in. Mattress, bed frame, dressers and book shelves were wedged into any spare nook we could find. Clothes were pulled out of the closets and jammed into half-full closets in other bedrooms. Some articles of clothing even remained on the hangers. Twenty minutes and that bedroom was empty. Twenty minutes after that, the carpet was gone. 

We have never used a contractor before, but judging from six day per week, 7:00am to 5:00pm renovations that stretched on for six months at the Heisenberg house next door last summer, our contractors are a bit of an anomaly. The two brothers were here from 8:30-3:30 and did not take a single break. No lunch, nothing. Not even sure if they peed.

Today, subfloor day, is perhaps a wee bit less dramatic, but so far seems to be every bit as productive.

Perhaps the resident kitty won't spend the entire summer hiding behind some boxes under the deepest corner of the basement stairs after all. Stay tuned for updates.


Erik Donald France said...

Amazingly efficient~!

Marie Kondo, the Japanese "all-in-one-go" design mastermind, would surely salute you and them.

Do these same efficient contractors also work on bridges and roads?

Eugene K said...

Looks like you've found some excellent contractors! They should take bathroom breaks though...just sayin'.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I shall have to ask them if they use the KonMari approach to decluttering, Erik. It would explain so much and be a shining example of how the approach works.
Sadly, I think the contractors leave the bridge and road work to their slower brethren.

I was relieved (no pun intended) to discover on day two, that bathroom breaks are actually involved, Eugene. They do not appear to be cyborgs after all.