Wednesday, April 01, 2015

the hunter and the hunted

I have started to crawl out of my office again. It's been a very productive two and half weeks, with a tonne of articles under my belt, as well as a rush website editting job. I've got a few more articles to write over the next week, but for the next few days it's going to be all reno decisions all the time. 

I've got a mitt-full of paint chips spread out on the dining room table, in the hopes that they will start speaking to me and assert themselves as the only possible choices. Right now they are still duking it out for my love. 

In a couple of days, the Spousal Unit and I are going on a reconnaissance excursion, which will hopefully result in some tough decisions quickly made - toilets, vanities, faucets, tiles, lighting and paint for three bathrooms, plus a bath/shower combo for the main. The contractor is drumming his fingers, waiting for our decisions. So, no pressure.

In more magazinely news, the new spring issue of Latent Image has hit the stands. I've contributed a story and a photo and - in a case of the hunter becoming the hunted - I also got a chance to dish on Calgary culture. Check it out.   


Erik Donald France said...

First of all, tonne vs. ton is ton(ne)s of fun. This goes all the way back to the split evolving from Loyalist vs. Rebel warfare, I suppose :->

Secondly, cheers on your work and design for living. "Look Out Your Window" is sharp :-> & your observations about Calgary culture tell me that its culture is more evolved than that of Fort Worth's. Calgary is about the same size as Dallas, and more comparable as far as synergy. Lucky ~!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes, we like to spell things the English way, Erik. The mouse living next to the elephant needs to set itself apart somehow.
Thanks for not only clicking, but also reading. Calgary has been called Dallas north, but a concerted effort in the past decade has ramped up the culture factor.