Saturday, March 14, 2015

butterless in the burbs

The big gap over the stove is still waiting for a range hood, since we have sworn to never again get sucked into buying another over-the-range microwave. But the other new appliances are all installed and, although it still feels weird to not have to coax and cajole and caress in a certain way to get the dishwasher or oven to do its job, it's a mental adjustment I don't mind making. Not in the least.

We did end up throwing out the butter and a bag of sunflower seeds with the old fridge, apparently, something I discovered a couple of days later, when body memory had me reaching for the covered compartment in the right-hand door, which is where the butter resided. I am pretty sure I did one of those classic double-takes when my hand encountered no butter compartment, followed by a rapid internal conversation: hey there's no butter compartment, oh yeah new fridge, so where is the butter compartment in this one, there is no butter compartment, so where did I put the butter, I didn't, must still be in the old fridge.

In my defence, the delivery dudes did arrive hours earlier than I expected. At least they didn't get the kale or, worse, the cheese.


Erik Donald France said...

I love it ! "Body memory" sticks like butter long after the butter vanishes. Strange, that.

p.s. beautiful kitchen works!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If only the butter had stuck around like butter, Erik! We are pretty thrilled to have appliances that actually do their job, though.