Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snack attack

She didn’t think that “green bean” should be listed as the first ingredient on her snack pack of wasabi peas. Fortunately, she knew just enough French to be reassured by the “pois verts” heading up the French version.

She wondered why wasabi always made the back of her skull feel like it was about to explode, and how you would say “cerebral event” in Japanese, anyway. Sometimes, after a particularly potent mouthful, she would find herself clutching the back of her head, as though sheer force alone would keep her skull intact. She certainly didn’t want to be the first person in the world to be written up in a medical quarterly for having a wasabi-induced stroke.
Eyes tearing, nose streaming, she reached into the package for just one more “one last one”.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

songs for felines

The cat is not a Simon and Garfunkel fan.

Her ears retreat further and further back on her skull and her eyes search my face with concern as I continue to serenade her with Sounds of Silence. By the final verse, she is ready to bolt for quieter ground. 

Just wait till I channel my inner Freddy Mercury and treat her to a little Bohemian Rhapsody.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

tiny little blues weapon

If it feels like it has been a while since I shamelessly promoted one of my Canadian Bands You Should Know profiles, that's because it has been. Feel free to wander over to National Music Centre to read my feature on Canadian ukelele bluesman, Manitoba Hal.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

in the future when all's well

One of these days, when I have more time and I can overcome the deeply embedded German work ethic that doesn't even permit me to read a book during the daylight hours, for the love of God, I am going to indulge in doing some more art.

I could do worse than to start by dropping in on some of the visual art sessions that many of my writing buddies from create! in the East Village regularly attend. 

Check out their smiling creative little faces toward the end of this Calgary Foundation video.

Monday, February 02, 2015

wire tapped

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow 
- Jonathan Goldstein

I hate the font used on the cover of I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow, but aside from that little detail, this was a fun book. Organized as a year-long, angst-filled countdown to Jonathan Goldstein's 40th birthday, the book is essentially a compilation of snippets from his radio show, Wire Tap, that airs on CBC.

Many regular characters from the radio show make appearances. In fact, I remember hearing some of these stories before, which to me is not a problem. A good story always bears retelling. And I am sure I am not the only person for whom the radio voices escape the page, so it is almost like I am hearing, rather than reading, the stories.

I was hoping that Goldstein's parents would make more of an appearance, because you can never have enough Buzz and Dina Goldstein, in my opinion, but sadly, no.

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow is made up of short snappy segments for the ADHD-leaning readers amongst us and all the angst that one expects from a CBC personality with a This American Life pedigree.