Monday, January 12, 2015

past and future ice

The curling inclined could do far worse than to hang out in my neck of the woods for the next few months. The world's elite of the rock and broom set have descended upon these high plains, with the Continental Cup this past week, the All-Star skins game next weekend, and the Brier in March. The time was ripe to procure myself a curling rock touque.

Made by my clever friend Missy, the wool whisperer of Minnesota, my custom cap drew lots of compliments and questions when I donned it for two draws at the Continental Cup recently. I do not have a good hat head, but this one actually works. I am not claiming that my headgear was responsible for Canada's sweep of the Cup, but I am not saying it wasn't, either.

We got so caught up in the grunt-poems emanating from the pebbled ice, that we booked a hotel and ticket package for next year's Cup. In Las Vegas! It was held there last year, with such overwhelming success that organizers, who certainly know on which side their bread is buttered (it's buttered on the side of Canadian curling fans of a certain age who would like to escape winter for a week in January), made the call to bring curling back to the Nevada desert.

I've never had the urge to visit Las Vegas before, but this changes everything. Instead of driving for an hour across the city on winter roads to watch the best curlers on the planet, I will be able to walk from my hotel room in my flip-flops. 

And I understand that the Neon Museum is really cool. Vegas, baby!  


Karen said...

The older I get, the more I enjoy the intracies of curling and its one of the sports during the Winter olympics I definitely look forward to watching. That is one great hat! It'll be great in Vegas (just not outside!).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And they are pushing for mixed doubles to be added to the Olympics, Karen, which would be great! It's a really fast-paced, high scoring game.

Erik Donald France said...

Neato ~ nifty-fifty ~!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Past and future blasts, Erik - they are what I live for.