Saturday, January 03, 2015


The Year of the Big Spend has begun. The year when we finally give up using duct tape for home repairs and stop pretending that we actually enjoy showering in the laundry room. Reno year.

We came roaring fast out of the gate, with the purchase yesterday of a new fridge, stove, dishwasher and dryer. It was a bit intimidating to make so many big-ticket purchases in one day, but it's actually just a warmup for the main event. 

I generally shake my head in disgust over the toss-away attitude that I see all around me. Watching the house next door (which was in very nice shape) get completely gutted by the new owners this past summer, pushing it well past the $1 million dollar pricetag, made me feel slightly ill. It wasn't so much the reckless use of finances that bothered me, although how that very young couple could afford that reno is beyond my comprehension. (We suspect drug money and have subsequently nicknamed the new neighbours Heisenberg.) 

Rather it's the fact that I abhor waste. It's the main reason that we have squeezed every last moment of life out of our 20+ year old appliances before finally replacing them. I was surprisingly okay with having to do a five-minute button-pushing finger-crossing dance every time I tried to start the dishwasher; I was fine with vegetable crispers that fell apart if you didn't open them just so; I was even resigned to the fact that one of these days the oven element was going to flame out again, especially now that the door handle had fallen off. I have also lived, all these years, with the butt-ugliest bathroom light fixture I have ever seen, simply because it refused to die.

Okay, I think I just figured out what lies behind my fondness for leftovers.

Still, despite the hypocrisy, it will be so lovely to get rid of the disgusting carpet that no doubt harbours all manner of unwelcome lifeforms. Particularly the carpet in the ensuite bathroom. Who carpets a bathroom?

It will be glorious to be able to use the main bathroom again without fears that the bathtub will eventually plummet through a wonky floor that I suspect is filled with rot. It will be illuminating to having properly functioning lights in the kitchen and the upstairs hallway once again.

Bring it!


Wandering Coyote said...

I love that you're calling your neighbours "Heisenberg"! That made me totally laugh out loud.

You might notice a big difference in your power bill, too, since newer appliances are much more efficient. So that's a good thing. I envy your new appliances! It's one of my dreams if I ever own a home to go shopping for brand new appliances. I have never had that joy!

Good luck with the renos! Excited to see the outcome!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This was actually our first go at buying new appliances as well, WC, as we have always made do with the old ones that came with the house. It was intimidating, but kinda cool.

I will keep you posted on the reno tales.

Erik Donald France said...

Good stuff -- & agreed in both principle and practice.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

*waste-abhorer fist bump*, Erik