Friday, December 05, 2014

hewer of wood, drawer of water

I am generally a bit of a draft horse. No fancy thoroughbred blood runs through my veins, but what I lack in speed out of the gate, I make up in stamina. Start the day with 50 minutes of high intensity cardio on the elliptical? No problem, as long as I have had enough coffee. Follow that with vacuuming the house with that crappy falling apart vacuum cleaner that practically requires you to dislocate a shoulder in order for it to suck up a little speck of dirt? Bring it. 

Keep the day going with grocery shopping, article writing, cat concierge-ing, supper prep and kitchen cleaning and it's just another day. Oh sure, sometimes I find myself nodding off over the newspaper by 8:30 in the evening, but that's only because I sat down.

But dear god put me in a shopping mall and I am instantly drained.  Yesterday I spent about an hour and a half at a mall and came home with a massive headache, aching eyes and an exhaustion that would have been more in keeping with trying to stop the zombie hordes from busting down the doors of the Hudson's Bay Company, rather than just trying to buy a pair of boots. 

I have a whole new respect for mall rats. I will be staying out of their way from now until well after Christmas.


Erik Donald France said...

Funny, all that.

Malls and headaches ~ maybe it's the overwhelming horror of secret air duct emissions, garish lighting and music, a convergent mass of rapacious human hunter-gatherers & swindlers, and so on ~ "run though the jungle" ~> Oh and driving, parking and driving again . . . a nasty business all around~!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

All of the above, Erik! Plus the fact that I can't tolerate clutter so only buy what I really need, whereas malls exist to promote over-consumption.