Friday, August 29, 2014

carpal brain

I have been offered some pretty awesome writing projects lately. I am honoured, of course, as I take each new job as a validation of whatever writing skills I may possess. This is what I have been working toward for the last six years, after all. And unless circumstances make it impossible, I always say yes, of course. But I have to admit that I am biting off a tad more than I can chew these days. The cheeks are full.

Once I stop taking these 2,200 km round-trips to the lake place every two weeks, I will have an easier time staying on top of the wave of work. But for now I am putting my time management skills to the test. Thank goodness for these German micromanagement genes. 

Oh, and I am also planning CommuniQuatre, which will be held in Portland in a few weeks. Hello, hipster heaven!

I am going to ice my wrists and drain my brain with some renovation shows or something this evening, before diving into a week of writing writing writing, followed by a trip across the prairies. With cat.

Here are some recently published pieces that I managed to squeeze out before the carpal tunnel syndrome set in:
and a slightly shorter version, known as thing two


John Mutford said...

I thought the first rule of being a hipster was to deny one's hipster status?

Erik Donald France said...

Good luck, Barbara ~!

That creative space ("things 1 and 2") looks really cool. Not much like that here in Ft Worth Texas (yet) ~ nor hipsters, hippies beatniks groovesters punks Goths Thoths Mods Rockers or anything much of difference that I've encountered yet ~ unless hidden deep in the heart of the Underground ~> cheers ~>

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Fortunately I am decades too old to ever be considered for hipsterhood, John, so I am free to invoke the word as openly possible.

It sounds as though the people who live in your area are just people, Erik - no labels required. That in itself is cool.