Wednesday, June 04, 2014

queen of limbs

I have been trimming the lower dead branches from the back yard spruce trees over the years. It's an ongoing attempt to make the yard look a little less like the witch's house at the end of the street that we all avoided at Hallowe'en when we were kids. With the row of trees starting to look decidedly scraggly, it was time to step up and make the trimming look a little more deliberate and a little less bandagey.

Most of the branches that we removed yesterday were pretty sketchy, but there were a couple of nice branches that swept over the front of the little playhouse that were still full and green. I considered sparing them but they made the whole thing look rather mulletty. So I said a couple of words of apology to them and then chopped. It was a very tree-huggy moment.

The space is still a work in progress, and it does showcase just how rough the fence has become over the years, but once I get some stepping stones down and strategically place a few bits of yard ornamentation around, it's going to be a lovely shady retreat. I think the giant plastic frog that currently resides in the secret side garden will nicely offset the pink flamingo who guards the row of trees along the back fence.

Stayed tuned for updates.   

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