Wednesday, May 21, 2014

going coastal

Just as the frost is leaving the ground here and the sun is starting to make things feel like actual spring, we are packing up to head to the wet coast. Despite our best efforts, we have found that continually refreshing the weather app does not keep the forecast from deteriorating. Evidently we are in for a solid run of cool rain.

But we aren't necessarily there for the weather. Watching the Offspring receive her degree and shouting she doesn't even go here! from the stands will keep us plenty busy enough. I am also told there will be cake. A peace offering, no doubt, to the assembly of proud parents who have spent a small fortune at this institute of higher learning.
Also on the agenda, dinner with friends, a Vancouver/Seattle grudge match soccer game (at which I am told there will be a chance to sample Vikram Vij's stadium food), a group sushi lunch with friends, and not nearly enough time to hang out with the (now graduated) Offspring.

Catch you on the flippety-flip!

Friday, May 16, 2014

linkolicious long weekend

If your long weekend is shaping up to be anything like mine, it's currently a little too chilly to spend much time outside. And tomorrow that chilliness is expected to morph into sustained torrential rainfall until the work week starts up again.

Best leave the camping for a warmer weekend. After all, we probably have at least a good ten days' worth of summer to look forward to this year. 

Here's some reading, instead, to keep you out of trouble:

- cast your eyes in a lefterly direction for my interview with a NMC Guitar Club volunteer, in today's Calgary Sun.

- my latest BC Musician Magazine article, in this summer's Ultimate Festival Guide, spills all about Sled's Island's glorious post-flood financial comeback.

- my latest review on the National Music Centre blog dives into the fever dream that is Kenna Burima's debut solo album. No more Woodpigeon, Pygmies, Beaver Squadron or Brenda Vaqueros - this time the girl is boldly stepping out on her own.

Happy May Two-Fer, campers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

we forage and we fail

It may look cozy enough, but the thermostat only read 4 degrees C when we got there. We have always joked that it's a meat locker inside the lake place whenever we arrive but, until this trip, that arrival has always happened in the summer. There would be no opening the windows to warm up the place this time, not with the lake still frozen over. 

It took a few days for us to get the furnace running properly, so the wood stove was really put through its paces, much to the secret delight of the Spousal Unit. In fact, he spent the first night on the couch in front of the wood stove. I braved the decidedly chillier confines of a real bedroom, albeit with every available blanket piled on top of me.

Not only did the hardest working wood stove on the prairies keep us toasty during a very unspringlike May, but we even used it as an actual cooking stove. After buying an enamel coffee pot at the local hardware store, we had a steady source of free hot water, and one night we even fried mushrooms on top of the stove. Let it never be said that we did not channel our inner Laura Ingalls Wilder on this trip.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

colour fail

You can spot the neighbourhood jackrabbits immediately now, little brown fur lumps against all that whiteness. I'll bet every year they swear to themselves that next year they will wait a few more weeks before changing colour. Honestly, you would think by now they would realize that we always get two major dumps of snow in May.

Silly wabbits.