Tuesday, April 01, 2014

running out of fools

I remember an April Fools' Day years ago, when the Offspring was quite young and just beginning to realize the limitless potential of the day. The Spousal Unit and I had been reminiscing the night before about April Fools pranks from our university days, pranks that usually involved plastic wrap and toilet seats or dorm-room doors and duct tape. 

In the morning, the Offspring greeted me with a big smile and the announcement that she had made breakfast for me (which had never happened before, or since for that matter). She could barely contain herself as she handed me a plate with a slice of toast on it. Perhaps if the toothpaste that was smeared liberally on the bread had not been blue, I might - just maybe - have taken a big bite. I had to give her points for optimism, though.

This year, I got pranked by the cat, although I have to suspect it was unintentional. When I woke up this morning and couldn't move my arm, my first thought, of course, was that I had had a stroke. Frankly I was surprised that I felt as good as I did after my stroke. Rested, even. And then I realized the cat was lying on my arm, and had presumably been sleeping there for some time. No more looking at the Grumpy Cat wall calendar for her!

In shameless self-promotion news, please check out my latest Canadian Bands You Should Know article on the National Music Centre blog. This time I tell you all about the former folkie turned chanteuse, Jill Barber

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