Wednesday, April 09, 2014

bachelor soup

What do you do when you overcook the salmon that you were planning a few meals around because the Spousal Unit is away all week and you want some easy meals that you know he won't eat? Well you choke down the original meal, of course, but then instead of throwing away the leftovers (as I almost did), might I suggest you make spicy salmon soup instead? Chances are you can clear some stuff out of the freezer at the same time. Win-win.

It was a really nice piece of salmon, so I was loathe to toss it, but I also didn't want to add a lot of mayo or cream cheese or other high-fat ingredients to make it less dry and more palatable. Soup seemed worth the gamble, especially since I had a small baggie of leftover cooked bowtie noodles in the freezer that needed eating. Or tossing. (It was a toss-up.)

I was pleased to find I had both broccoli and spinach in the fridge, since no soup is complete without those, so I sauteed broccoli, green onions, and some strips of yellow pepper that needed using. I then added chicken broth, spinach, those leftover noodles and chunks of salmon. And here's the important part - I also added quite a bit more cayenne pepper than seemed wise. Oh, and I tossed a splash of white wine from the glass that I was sipping, because I figured it could use a touch of acid and that was a lot faster than getting the lemon juice from the fridge.

I heated the whole mess up for a few minutes and by then the salmon had once again become juicy and tender and even the noodles were no longer freezer-burned. I happily slurped it all down while reading the newspaper and listening to As It Happens.  


Anonymous said...

improvisations end up surprising me quite very often! the soup sounds delicious. then again I love all soups so I can't be the judge .. hahah

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am with you, whiskyhigh - soup is one of the very best things in the world. We need more soup!