Friday, March 14, 2014

oatmeal friendly

I am more excited than I probably should be to never again burn my fingers on my bowl of oatmeal. But anyone who has ever snatched a steaming bowl from the microwave - only to be faced with the split second dilemma whether to let the blistering dish filled with molten lava smash onto the stove-top two feet below or risk forever losing their fingertips - knows of what I speak. The Bowl Buddy, made by the grandma of a work colleague, is absolutely ingenious. Evidently there is quite a black market for the simple but clever little mats spreading throughout the office towers of the Beltline. I'm not surprised - grandmas are smart. I'm glad I got in on the ground floor.

I was chuffed to have a short story of mine appear in the spring issue of Latent Image. A bit of a nasty brutish story, it is, but it somehow feels at home amongst the evocative and provocative images that the fledgling magazine excels in. Do check out Latent Image, read it as a download or, if you are so inclined, order a print copy for your coffee table. 
Also in the shameless self-promotion department, my byline has once again darkened today's Friday Showbiz section of the Calgary Sun. In this issue, I find out from the project manager just what makes the new National Music Centre building so special anyway. 

Grab a copy, YYC!


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