Sunday, February 09, 2014

nice work if you can get it

The bars here (and there are many of them) all close at 10:30 pm. We figure that's because everybody is up by 6:00 am, out doing their running and/or beach yoga before it gets really hot. By 10 in the morning, everyone has established their spot by one of the pools or on the beach and by noon the drinks are flowing. 

We figure that's why elevator noise turned out not to be that big of an issue at night after all. Since we are okay with being woken at 6 each morning, we opted to stay in our current room. We really do have a splendid view, after all. It was incredibly nice of the concierge to send a bottle of wine up to our room though!

After yesterday's meet and greet and welcome dinner,it was lovely to have an essentially free day today. We originally considered taking a shuttle into Lahaina, but it looked pretty built up with malls and pizza huts when we passed through it on the way from the airport. A little different from the idyllic village that the spousal unit remembered from thirty years ago. So we opted to stay put and do some swimming and sitting.

That ocean is one scary bitch. Those undertows will yank the feet right out from under you and drag you out, only to return you back near the shore with a force that has you skidding along the sandy bottom for several yards. I emptied about 20 pounds of sand out of my bathing suit when we got back to our room. The rest of the afternoon was spent in numerous shady locales poolside.

We'll be sleeping soundly tonight.

Tomorrow - business meeting in the morning for the spousal unit, article writing for me. Whale watching and a group dinner in the afternoon and evening. Free Willy!


John Mutford said...

Enjoy! You deserve it.

I, on the other hand, am the reincarnated Attila the Hun. Or something.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is just sheer brutality, John, even worse than Calgary and we all know what manner of folks live there.