Saturday, February 01, 2014

bikini diet perogies

Despite having not pounded back the oatmeal shortbread for a month now and despite having embraced an rigourous exercise regime in place of competitive cookie eating(okay, that ended with the onset of the first head cold in years that I contracted a week ago), I have accepted the bitter reality that my bikini body days are well behind me. 

Actually, I am okay with that. Especially now that I am fully grey; somehow it gives me license to be the fat lady on the beach. Before long I'll be telling them damn kids to get the hell off my lawn.

I will be able to test this theory shortly, because there is indeed a beach in my near future. Being the trophy wife that I am, I am accompanying the spousal unit on a work trip to Maui in mere days from now. 

Naturally it occurs just as my work load ramps up, but given enough planning time, I can squeeze it all in. And although I have never had to write articles on the beach before, I am more than willing to give it a try.

I leave you with my latest album review on the National Music Centre blog, a review of the drop dead gorgeous new album from the Abramson Singers. A must for fans of beautiful voices. 


Anonymous said...

please, you are at that time in life where you can actually yell at kids to get off your lawn, so be happy about it. it's a sign you've aged well and you've earned the rights all us young people desperately want hahah

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are so right, Logeetha, and wise beyond your years. Old is actually a pretty liberating place to be, once you get used to the aches and pains.

Vol-E said...

Don't worry about how you look on the beach. My ex-boss went to Hawaii all the time. She was four and a half feet tall with white hair and a black mustache. If she didn't get banned from the islands or thrown into a volcano, you won't, either. Enjoy.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Haha I am so going to be on the lookout for your ex-boss, Vol-E!