Thursday, December 26, 2013

touching down

We have begun the descend into slothdom, hopefully not past the point of no return. I am hopeful that with today being Get Your Own Damn Supper Day (and for some family members, the parallel high holiday of Wear Your Pyjamas All Day Day) perhaps tomorrow will bring a renewed interest in the world beyond the discarded Christmas wrappings.

My annual Christmas board game purchase has gone rather more high tech this year, with the addition of a table top air hockey game to the games cupboard. I expect that once I establish dominance by slaughtering all family members with my dining room table hockey prowess, the game itself will eventually be transported out to the lake place, where it will bring a little culture to the internetless wilds.

In the meantime, my only nod to civility has been to use a china tea cup and saucer passed down from my mother-in-law, as an accompaniment to the Christmas squares scarfing.

Good thing I exercised by playing a couple of games of air hockey.

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