Thursday, October 31, 2013

down to the basement

Quite possibly my favourite Hallowe'en party ever came about as a result of a labour dispute. It was the year that the OFKAR was in grade one, the year that Ontario teachers went out on strike, right around the end of October.

We were already getting together with friends/classmates to play school during the strike, so it wasn't much of a stretch to offer up our house for a daytime Hallowe'en party.

About a dozen kids came over, and we played some games and ate a bunch of candy and then, after I got them all warmed up, I led each child one-at-a-time, blindfolded, down into the basement to check out the dead witch. 

It was just the usual bowl of grapes for her eyeballs, bowl of pudding for her brain, bowl of spaghetti for her guts type of setup, and I guess the kids might have been okay with having their hand plunged into something cold and squishy down in the basement of an 85-year-old house if they had all been suave and sophisticated six-year-olds. But the problem was that quite a few of them had brought their younger siblings along. 

Judging from the shrieking and expressions of utter horror on the faces of some of the kids when I tried to lure them down into the basement, I think I may have scarred them for life.

But after we hosed them all down and fed them some graveyard dirt cupcakes, I brought each of them individually into the OKFAR's bedroom (after the basement fiasco, that took some coaxing) where I read their fortunes on a crystal ball that I think was actually a globe in disguise. 

I have always loved Hallowe'en, but that one in particular ruled. I had so much fun terrifying those kids that day that it's probably a very good thing that I never wanted to be a teacher.

Do you have a favourite Hallowe'en memory?


Eugene Knapik said...

Tonight, Memphis greeted all the trick or treaters, getting pats from all the kids!

Looking good over here in Zombie-land by the way.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Memphis looked wonderful as a pirate, Eugene. Furriest, friendliest and arguably largest pirate ever.

metalheadfairy said...

ah, I'll be sure to make halloween a priority once i have kids. its so darn fun. pity its not that big a deal in malaysia,and seems to only be attractive to the young and hip ppl who want to just dress up in college =/

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I didn't realize that Hallowe'en wasn't that big in Malaysia, Metalheadfairy. Must be more of a North American thing. I hope you have fun scaring all the kids in years to come!

logeetha said...

I shall definitely do so and I'm sure I'll remember to let you know how it all goes

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I look forward to your tales of terrifying the wee ones and scarring them for life, Metalheadfairy. Such fun!