Wednesday, September 25, 2013

to never be found

The last time this unsavoury bunch got together in its entirety, in Seattle last fall, we were on our way to see Frightened Rabbit. Half of that same bunch - the Calgary contingent of Communique - are doing so again tonight. We will be thinking of our fellow Communiqueters as we howl along with the Scottish indie-rockers. I am getting a little creaky for standing concerts, I admit, but for Frightened Rabbit, I will remain on my feet. Hell, I will even darken the doors of a less than favourite venue, and I don't do that for just anybody anymore.

Working full time, albeit temporarily, has taken a toll on my extracurricular activities. As is evident by the date of the last post on this little blog, that includes any sort of writing that is not strictly deadlined. So, my apologies to the two faithful readers who still frequent this blog. The rumours of my blogospherial demise are, in fact, exaggerated.

I am actually considering giving this blog a bit of a facelift. A little nip here, a bit of a tuck there. The way it is laid out doesn't really reflect my reality any longer and maybe a little surgical work is what is needed to freshen up my feelings about blogging in general. I still love the platform, but it is a dwindling format.

It is September, after all, the season of fresh starts.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I admire the fearlessness with which you tinker with your blog, Eugene. And I think we share a philosophy about our respective "little chunks of virtual real estate". I know I always enjoy visiting yours.