Sunday, August 04, 2013

till we drop

With folk fest now safely behind us, the Offspring and I have been spending an extraordinary amount of time doing something that I normally shun as a necessary evil. To be honest, though, I've been having a lot of fun shopping this past week.

A large part of the fun, of course, is just being able to spend time with her. Hitting a few favourite haunts, including the usual thrift stores, brings a comfortable nostalgia to this visit, and helps me ignore the fact that it will be over again in a week. And what parent doesn't secretly love blowing money on their kid?

There's the added benefit of no longer having any excuse not to replace those falling apart items that I have been trying to squeeze an extra month or two of life from. You should see the new purse I am sporting these days - no more duct tape and gordian knot straps. 

I feel like such a grownup.

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