Saturday, August 31, 2013

pretty daze

The pause before the headlong rush into life, Labour Day weekend lends itself to lazy contemplation. With delightful bipolarity, Arizona-hot days morph into extra blanket nights. Morning shadows stretch out and slow the movement away from coffee pot and easy chair.  I crave new pencil crayons and unchewed erasers.

Under turning leaves at Casa del Zombie, milestones are marked. Notably, the Spousal Unit chalks up 30 years with Company X. Retirement inches closer, counted down in trips to the Lebanese barber. 

Coastally, the Offspring moves into new digs today. An entire house this time - mid-century ranch - with a yard and a windows above ground, close to campus. Five will share the space, a mix of Canadian and American, female and male, old friends and new. The excitement is palpable in her keystrokes, amplified by the finality of no longer being asked by the landlord's mother to stream Farsi soap operas every 45 minutes. This being the first unfurnished rental place, though, I foresee a couple of weeks of thrift store scouring and alley furniture picking in her future.

For me, there is a little loin girding to be done, in amongst the delicious laziness. Preparing for a few more weeks of every-day, full-time, just-like-normal-people downtown work weighs a little on my mind, not gonna lie. Preparing meals after getting home at 6:30, packing lunches right after dinner, collapsing on the chesterfield before an early bed, I am still unaccustomed to that routine. And squeezing in my freelance work is challenging. 

But I did finally buy some proper office attire, so that my coworkers no longer have to look at me wearing the same ratty clothes every day. I've got this.


Vol-E said...

Something about fall that is so marvelously energizing. As it should be. Something about ants & grasshoppers... Enjoy the crisp air.

Lesley said...

There is something about the season that always makes me feel like I'm getting another chance to do what I want with my year. That 2014 is in four months really can't bother me right now. Not when leaves are starting to change and everything else is, too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Vol-E: Of course now that I have written about the season changing, we are having some of the hottest weather we have had all summer.

I've always thought that fall should be the real New Year too, Lesley. Makes way more sense.