Sunday, July 21, 2013

from ten, nine

The countdown begins. Two more sleeps till the OFKAR returns to the nest, four more till the island fires up for folk fest. And a metric poop tonne of writing to get submitted before then.

The folk festival will have a rather different flavour this year, with part of the island being declared a no-fly zone. But considering that a month ago the entire island was submerged in the raging Bow river, the recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The loss of two stages, as well as the arts market and playground areas, has necessitated some rejigging of workshops, of course, with one of the stages, as well as the market and kids' area, being moved off-island to nearby Eau Claire. It could make for a bit of a challenge at the gates, as people move back and forth between sites, but it does open up some of the festival to the general public, which is a nice touch. I suspect there will be rather more congestion in traffic flow around the island, though, as the less-travelled back route, which I often favoured, will be closed off.

Behind the scenes, hospitality will no longer be located in its idyllic spot along the river, but for me that's pretty minor, as I usually load up my plate and head to a stage to eat anyway. The benefits of being an obsessive multi-tasker continue to pay off.

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