Wednesday, June 12, 2013

texts from the road

- pulling into redcliff for a pee because we hate medicine hat
- in SK! smell ya later AB!
- kfc at swift current waaay better than a&w
- first llama sighting, just past regina!

- we're here and so is koodo evidently
- had appy supper on the deck under the poopy swallow nest
- using my new notebook that u gave me for christmas for the first time to make lake lists
- a garter snake followed dad around as he mowed the lawn. better than a cottage dog. now he's sunning himself beside the deck, the snake, not dad
- we have 2 garter snakes, carl & chachi!
- a black bear just walked across the yard and swam across the lake. so much wildlife happening!
- all the seniors are out in the yard at the rossburn senior centre!
- just bought a couch for the lake at rossburn thrift store. no sign of bedbugs yet, next challenge getting up those stairs
- chris hadfield talking to bob macdonald on quirks & quarks. geek love in!
- berni left us some rhubarb cake and guacamole. quality visit!
- made dad watch lars & the real girl. he had to admit it was charming. amazing what lack of network tv will do

- major fogbank from st lazare all the way to moosemin, like driving through hades
- just saw a fox trotting through a field!
- after the shit-covered bathroom at broadview I could barely stop washing my hands with the plenitude of soap & hot water at the new shell in moose jaw. bathroom nirvana!
- if this is swift current and we are heading west we must be at burger king
- enid luk has an awesome billboard! likely the only asian realtor in the greater medicine hat region
- hopefully last stop before home unless we stop at lakeside packers in brooks for a hot dog
- we can see the bow building! it's probs still about 900 miles away but we're getting there
- home! I owe ramona so many belly rubs in the grass


Allison said...

The windmill stands tall against the ominous sky!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sky really was ominous, Al. You are looking at the remnants of the extended fog bank we had just driven through, on the worst road in Saskatchewan.

John Mutford said...

Snakes and a bear? I may never get Debbie in Saskatchewan again.