Wednesday, April 17, 2013

working joe

I'm using an alarm clock these days. I'm now halfway through a temp day gig that has me rising at 5, much to the delight of the Slightly Retarded Kitty, who already figured that was the best possible time for humans to be rolling out of bed and tending to her needs.

I've learned a thing or two during my brief stint as a downtown office worker:
- If you are willing to walk four blocks you can park for $10 for the day (provided you arrive before 9AM) instead of $22. Hell yeah, I'll walk four blocks for $12!
- Leaving the house just past 7 and getting home just before 6 does not leave much time for errands. I have gained a whole new respect for the time management skills of normal people who work regular hours.
 - I don't have nearly enough office appropriate clothing, ie well-fitting, unstained, and unripped.
- If you pay attention, you can make it through the week without sustaining any paper cuts (or worse still, cardboard cuts).
- Winging it isn't all that hard; you'll figure it out or make it up as you go.
- Planning meals when you are at work all day takes a complete shift in mindset. Cheese sandwiches, it is.
What did you learn at work today?


Jane said...

I first read that at "whinging" - something I don't find all that hard to do, myself, especially after a long week of work!

p.s. I just got home 90 mins later than planned and ate peanut butter and pickles for supper. Cheese sandwiches sound like a step up!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jane, I can always count on you to make me feel maybe I am just winning at this life thing after all! Wish you lived a lot closer so that we could feed you on occasion!