Friday, April 05, 2013


We take our shoes off in the house, being good Canadians. Personal experience and popular culture has us believing that, in the USA, shoes are left on when entering the house.

But, the stupid question begs to be asked, and perhaps my American friends can set me straight on this burning diplomatic matter: what happens in the morning? Say you are getting dressed in the morning, but you aren't going to leave the house for a couple of hours, do you put your shoes on right away or wait until you are leaving the house? And where do slippers fit into this scenario anyway?

These are matters that we need clarified if we are going to maintain diplomatic relations along the 49th parallel. (And yet, we leave our shoes on at airport security...)


Lesley said...

I always ask if I should take of my shoes when going into someone's home for the first time. I don't expect people to do it at my house, and some people do ask. As for in my own house, I am almost always in slippers and have been known to forget to change when leaving and have to come back for shoes. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I knew I could count on a gracious answer from you, Lesley, a fellow slipper aficionado. Thanks for contributing to the conversation to maintain diplomatic relations between our nations.
I have been known to dash out in the rain/snow in my slippers, but always knowingly, always aware that I am going to regret my laziness.

bloody awful poetry said...

I can't speak for The America, but over here it's custom to remove one's footwear before stepping into anyone's home. It's shockingly rude to do otherwise unless your host specifies that you're allowed to (which usually doesn't happen). So it's bare feet all the way. And needless to say I always wonder, while watching TV, if everyone in North America actually just lounges around their house in proper shoes all the time? Surely

bloody awful poetry said...

I think my comment got cut off at the start of that last sentence, but now I can't remember what it is I had been planning to say. So let me just end this as gracefully as I can. Right here.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It just feels wrong to have your shoes on in the house, doesn't it, BAP. Sometimes I will scuttle back into the kitchen with shoes on if I have forgotten something and feel horribly guilty the entire time. So you can let all of Asia know that Canada shares your footwear customs.