Monday, March 04, 2013

tabletop farming

I don't dare tell the Slightly Retarded Kitty. Yesterday's blizzard was traumatic enough for her. 

With the wind sculpting massive snowdrifts in places where drifts should never happen and with the accumulation on the road surpassing the height of the sidewalk, the springlike conditions of the day before and the day before that were definitely put on hold. So much so that she cancelled the usual in-and-outery that accompanies the setting of the sun and spent the evening curled up between us on the chesterfield.

It's going to make Saturday's predicted high of 16C even more cruel, since we'll be on the coast and she will be stuck indoors.

It's not easy being feline.


umbrellalady said...

Not easy being a dog either, especially when the snow is as high as your ears and you have to stamp a circle to flatten out the snow in order to do your thing. Even then it is still up to your belly and squatting is definitely out of the question - makes for an interesting/challenging morning constitution.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's going to be even more interesting when that all starts to melt, Kathy, and if you are sharing our weather pattern, it will all be soup by the weekend.