Thursday, March 07, 2013

snow for rocks

We've got an early morning flight to the coast tomorrow. They've jacked up the prices on my usual noon flight, and it galls me not to get the lowest possible airfare. So, the alarm clock will definitely be required, as will Friday morning traffic battling skills. 

It will be a few days of hanging out with the OFKAR, hopefully enticing her into joining us for a sleepover or two at the hotel. We will be in full tiger parent stance during a ceremony in which our little baby will be inducted into some sort of Honours society. I'm thinking of bringing a vuvuzala.

Then it's Sunday brunch with a group of good friends that I haven't seen since the fall. One friend has an uncanny ability to unearth some real restaurant gems, so I am intrigued to try this new place. I promise not to post pictures of my lunch.

The Spousal Unit and I have tickets for a Junior A hockey game at the big downtown arena. Let's hear it for cheap seats! And then on Monday morning, I have a coffee meeting with my major employers, on their turf for a change.

The Slightly Retarded Kitty, naturally, is not pleased with these plans. She followed me over to the neighbours' today, when I went over to drop off the key.  The entire time I was in their house, I could hear her crying pitifully outside.  It especially tugged at my heartstrings because she had been a little under the weather with a tummy ache for a couple of days, and the guilt was rampant. She knows which strings to pull and which buttons to push.

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