Sunday, March 10, 2013

Psi Chi with bunnies

The feral bunnies of Jericho Beach are really cute and quite friendly, a far cry from their much larger, way bad-asser cousins back home, the jack rabbits of south Calgary. On the second day of our west coast sojourn, we spent a bit of time admiring the wild life and the puppy population who were enjoying the sun and light sweater weather along the shore.

Afterwards, we were on our best behaviour as the proud (but not embarrassingly so) parents of a brand new Psi Chi Honours Society inductee. I gotta say, the Psych Department serves quality snacks. If we are basing decisions on snackability alone (and there are far worse ways to make decisions), the OFKAR chose her major well.  

Fortunately, after some prerequisite walking and random cat petting,  there was still room left for a good sushi feed.  Actually there is always room for a good sushi feed.


John Mutford said...

Those bunnies and goose sure do look delicious. Sushi too.

Allison said...

Go Eva!

Was great to see you all today (I hope I didn't get you sick!). You're right, that sushi does look very caterpillar like.

Conky said...

offspring girl child is looking very good!! :o) (LOVE THE BEACH BUNNIES...always go there with carrots and they all wanna be your friend)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You obviously view travel the same way I do, John - everything is potential supper.

It was great to see you, Al, sure hope you are feeling better. If all caterpillars were that tasty, I would become a dedicated insectivore.

They were so friendly, Jen. One of them hopped right up to the offspring and stood up for a pat.