Saturday, February 09, 2013

snakes and laces

I was downtown on assignment today, covering a Chinese New Year celebration and a half-marathon.  Separate events, don't worry, but they were within easy walking distance of each other.

I celebrated not having to actually run in that marathon (especially after the wind picked up and the temperature dropped) by treating myself to a coconut mango bubble tea from a brand-new-on-the-scene food truck that specializes in Vietnamese subs and enormous smiles. 

With apologies to Vancouver, that was by far the best bubble tea I have ever had. Despite the fact that I was only half done when a snow squall struck.  Surely not my fault.  

Gung Hey Fat Chow, everyone!


bloody awful poetry said...

Coconut mango bubble tea sounds divine. I've yet to find a flavour of bubble tea that truly resonates with me on a spiritual level, but I think that one might just to the trick!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh BAP,girl, this bubble tea was definitely spiritual! It was even delicious in the little snow storm I got caught in. Sipping your bubble tea in a snow squall is a sure sign of deliciousness.