Friday, February 15, 2013

reading in Canada

As you can see, I actually own a copy of Two Solitudes. It was, in fact, the only book on this year's Canada Reads smack-down that I have read.  It's probably not a great endorsement that I remember next to nothing about it. I think I sleep-read through it.

I am pleased that Lisa Moore's February took the title of The Book That All of Canada Should Read.  Like many Canadians, I remember well the day the Ocean Ranger oil rig sank off the shore of Newfoundland.  Thirty-one years ago to this very day.

Last year around this time, I heard a documentary on CBC radio (it might have been on The Current), about the sinking. If I am not mistaken, bits of February were read in that doc.

Congratulations to Lisa Moore!  I am definitely putting February on my to-read list.  I wonder how long the hold list is at the library?   

Did you follow Canada Reads this year? Have you read any of the books discussed?


John Mutford said...

February was my favourite of the lot. Two Solitudes was my least. But it wasn't a wide ranging scale. None of them were particularly exciting. February has some beautiful observations and to me that gave it the edge.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How did you feel about the competition branching into a war of the regions this year, John?

John Mutford said...
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John Mutford said...

They hyped the whole "Turf Wars" thing up beforehand, then on Day One of the competition Jian said, re the Turf Wars, "Let's try to get beyond that." Then, what was the point? Not that I cared too much about that angle from the beginning, but I couldn't see why they seemed to shoot down their own idea. Also, while most fit into their respective "turfs," Indian Horse was set primarily in Ontario. I don't feel like BC and the Yukon were represented at all.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah that whole turf wars thing sort of went by the wayside, John and was only ever mentioned as an aside. Maybe it wasn't a particularly well-considered approach to begin with.