Tuesday, January 01, 2013

this was Christmas

There was no subversive shortbread baked this Christmas, no shortbread of any kind, in fact.  Board game challenges took precedent over baking.  Bruised fingernails from Crokinole and bruised egos from Scrabble make you forget about all that butter and sugar you are not ingesting.  Not that there was any shortage of ingestion.  

There were pyjama days and days spent thrifting. There were evenings spent on the chesterfield watching docs and evenings spent gathered around the dining room table, battling for board game supremacy.  Final game tallies are still tacked up on the fridge, under the magnet that normally holds my grocery list in place. I believe I lost every game.



Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm back. Had to write, post photos,visit here, besides what's to be done.

snappy shots BTW. I'd like to get Eva in front of my camera. What a pistol she would be to shoot.

Eugene Knapik said...

Wow, I haven't played crokinole since I was a wee tot back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. What fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So glad you came back to the blogosphere, ReBelle. The place was not the same without you.
I would love to see those photos! That kid makes the best Hector Salamanca faces.

It's a Christmas tradition around here, Eugene! We all channel our inner baby dinosaur and take vicious shots at each other. You should join us!