Wednesday, December 05, 2012

tick tock

Tonight I work my last shift for the year at my non-writing job.  

The OFKAR arrives home in exactly two weeks.  

In exactly one week, it will be the last repetitive date (12/12/12) I will see in my lifetime.

Fortunately I am equally as fond of consecutive dates.  Looking forward to 11/12/13 and 12/13/14!

I've begun pondering my favourite albums of 2012.  At this point, it's a dead heat for that coveted #1 spot.  

Right now I am listening to Spark and having my mind blown by the concept of brontobytes (1237940039285380274899124224 bytes) and geobytes (1267650600228229401496703205376 bytes). 

Stay tuned for an upcoming album giveaway contest, coming soon to a blog near you.  This one right here, one of the few blogs still somewhat active, apparently.


Anonymous said...

More and more are flying off to twitterdom I guess...I just haven't been able to get going there....

Allison said...

I keep meaning to post, and then I end up Instagraming instead. Shameful, I know.

I am however working on a podcast for a year-end song list! Plan to record this weekend.

I look forward to your list.

bloody awful poetry said...

Will I qualify for the album giveaway? Doesn't matter, I'll probably just play along anyway.

Almost everyone I know has moved over to Instagram or Tumblr exclusively (pretty pictures, but where are the words dammit) and I'm just clinging on to all the still-active blogs for dear life. Never leave us, Zombie.

Looking forward to your albums of 2012 list!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are more than capable of the brevity that's required there, ReBelle, but then we would miss out on some of your fine more lengthy posts.
I really only use Twitter for work-related stuff.

Excellent, Al! I love your podcasts, and that's a great way to do your year end list. Looking forward to it!

Sadly, I am only permitted to open the giveaway to Canadian residents, BAP. Yet another reason you should move here!
I too am mourning the abandonment of the blogosphere. So many fine and witty writers leaving us in the lurch. We must step up and fill the gaps!