Saturday, December 22, 2012

right here in my living room

I am in serious need of some pyjama days.  

The OFKAR made it home on Wednesday night.  Yes, the very same Wednesday that saw Vancouver all but closed down with snow and flooding and ice raining down on vehicles from the brand new Port Mann bridge.  That Wednesday.  I fretted all day.  First that she would make it to the airport unscathed, and then that the airport was going to remain open with no flight cancellations.  Because of course I never buy flight insurance.  

The ensuing three hour delay was a welcome tradeoff, especially since it gave me time to get some presents wrapped and under the tree before the Offspring walked in the door.  I came off looking like a Christmas ninja.

Since then the days have been rather hectic.  With each passing hour the traffic gets more congested and the stores more hectic.  A couple of days ago, the OFKAR and I made a trek to the library, which shares a parking lot with a major mall.  We parked far from the craziness and walked over to the library, which completely threw the traffic cop off his game.  It was insane enough that there was a cop directing mall traffic on December 20, but we then had to stop and tell him where we were heading so he could flail his arms in the right direction.  I don't even want to speculate on the craziness that would have ensued if the library had been located next to the really big mall in town.

Last night's snow made the roads nice and slick so all the last minute scramblers were forced to slow down.  That didn't stop me from seeing a half dozen pretty significant collisions when I headed across town this morning to give the OFKAR a lift home from the sleepover she had with her in-town peeps. This was followed by the season's major grocery shop.  Our normally sleepy little mall was an exercise in stupidity with cars tetrising themselves into every conceivable spot.  

We are now all safely ensconced in our toasty warm home, with ribs in the oven and the tree lights glistening off the presents piled beneath (including the one that the Slightly Retarded Kitty has already tried to unwrap). 

And this big glass of red wine at my elbow says I am not leaving the house in the foreseeable future.



Allison said...

Sounds like a busy week! Glad to hear Eva made it home okay.

I hope the weather plays nice on Monday - I fly out at 6am.

I haven't done one lick of Christmas shopping. It's been great! We're not doing gifts this year. My parents gift is me. ;) We plan on going out to the movies, dinner and a museum exhibit, which is costly enough these days. Plus, they are moving the following week, and we don't really need anything.

I just plan on spending time at home, and curling up on the couch with Sam. Can't wait!

Karen said...

Allison's Christmas sounds sooo relaxing!

Glad to hear the RO made it home safe and sound. Hopefully you won't have to brave the crowds any more and you can just sit back and relax, enjoy that glass of wine (or three) and not have to get out of your jammies for thenext few days.

Just in time for Christmas, we're getting a beautiful dump of snow. LOVELY! :) Happy holidays to you and your family.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Other than the fact that you are flying out at 6am on the 24th, your Christmas plans sound perfect, A! We've never been big in the gift department either and each year we scale back a little more. Who needs more stuff?
Enjoy your lovely plans with the parentals and snuggling with Sam.

We're getting some of that snow (and COLD) too, Karen, and it's quite lovely. A true white Christmas. Pyjama Day is looking imminent and I cannot wait.
Enjoy your lovely snow and festive times with your family!

umbrellalady said...

What a good description of the parking fiasco at the mall parking lot - tetrising describes it to a t!

I too, am done with shopping. It is my gift to myself every year not to go near a store until I start back at work in January. If we run out of milk - no problem - I don't drink it anyway...

Anonymous said...

Your post makes me feel like I'm in the land of misfit toys.
Post pictures! We will not have snow as usual.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good for you, Kathy, enjoy the peace and tranquility of non-shopping. Oh the joy of having two refrigerators! With the rate at which we plow through salad around here, I could never attempt that shopping hiatus.

Although the charm of the white stuff has abated for me somewhat, I will get some photos just for you, ReBelle. Would you like some of the sub sub zero temperatures we are enjoying as well?

John Mutford said...

Your post has has a lovely short story vibe.

And I too love the Christmas lockdown mode. Everything out of the way, relaxing at home, while out there the crazies are having at 'er. It's nice.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, John! As long as I don't get too Stuart McLeany, I am okay with that.
Enjoy your time away from the crazies!

Eugene Knapik said...

Merry Christmas!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Eugene! I hope it was glorious and bright, with plenty of time for hanging out with the dogs and cats and playing your oilcan banjo.

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