Wednesday, December 26, 2012

lockdown the freezeup

Our house phone died on Christmas Eve.  That's pretty much the only time all year that we get actual phone calls and even then we didn't even miss it all that much.  The suspicious part of me suspects that it was all a ploy by the Spousal Unit and the OFKAR for me to fulfill the obligations of one of my Christmas gifts - a Best Buy catalogue and an old flip phone from the junk drawer, which I am to trade in for a smart phone.  Apparently it is time for me to enter, kicking and screaming, the 21st century.  Just know that it is not my fault if I suddenly start posting photos of my lunch on Instagram.

I was thoroughly pleased with my gifts - a mounted original oil painting courtesy of the OFKAR, a desk calendar of archaic maps, a much needed reporterly notebook, a collection of stories from the Northwest Territories compiled by none other than our very own John Mutford, and socks, gloriously warm socks. These are especially appreciated during this extended cold snap.  

I also appreciated that the annual mystery parcel was elegantly understated this year - a handmade book in which each page contained the name of a leaping lord of the amphibian variety.  Because frogs are totally dope.

We've spent the past few days of our self-imposed Christmas lock-down eating far too much and burning it all off by playing board games.  For this year's annual Christmas board game I bought Cards Against Humanity, a delightfully subversive party game which a savvy friend introduced me to at Communiqu3 in Seattle.  I expect at least a few more days of board gaming before we finally emerge from hibernation.

This year, through some magical alignment of the stars, Get Your Own Damn Supper Day coincides with Pyjama Day for a happy collision of sloth and stretchy pants. Turkey smells even better the next day, straight out of the microwave.

How has your Christmas been?  I hope you are all enjoying some laid-back family time.  
Pass the Baileys.


Bruno said...

Merry Christmas you guys and welcome to the 21st Century, kicking and screaming.
Nokia flip! I haven't seen one of those since my summer student accidently drove over his years ago.
Now we can be BBM friends:)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Bruno! I hope you guys are as stuffed as we are.
I'm looking forward to tweeting my every move and never making eye contact anymore. It's gonna be awesome.

Eugene Knapik said...

family, food, and a little time beating on a tin can with stings along the way. Pretty fine.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm looking forward to an online concert or two when you master your canjo, Eugene!