Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bring on the sparkly horses

It begins.  The giant fridge calendar is already beginning to groan under the weight of commitments, not all of them strictly social.  But then, I guess they never really are.

Tomorrow I have two events to cover.  The first is an urban planning and design speaker series, followed almost immediately by the sequel to last year's spectacular downtown shopping extravaganza.  I won't have time between the two events to procure sustenance, so I am hoping that The Core puts on the same glorious noshery that they did last year.  My heart lies with the urban planning session, but my stomach is definitely cheering for the shopping thing.

Naturally, the weather is expected to turn nasty during the day tomorrow, so I will certainly not be one of the chic shoppers who you will see swanning about in sparkly cocktail frocks and strappy little heels.  I'll be the one in jeans and Sorels, wiping my nose on my sleeve before elbowing that guy out of the way to get the last shrimp canape.  

How many seasonal command performances are you attending? 


Anonymous said...

Food is not nearly so tasty if you are dressed too uptight.

bloody awful poetry said...

I skipped breakfast this morning, and those little cake things are giving me a serious case of the nomz.
I hope you enjoy your seasonal commitments! I'm having trouble getting into the spirit myself ; Christmas happens to coincide with exams and deadlines week at my uni, the bastards.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So true, ReBelle. There is the drippage factor to consider, in addition to the clothes forgiveness. I may just have to consider stretchy pants.

How rude of them, BAP! I hope your exam schedule will allow you to get home for a little spoiling and home cooking.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whooboy, did I plan that badly. There was no food at the shopping thingy this year!