Saturday, September 22, 2012

full contact memories

It feels very odd, to be sitting barefoot on the front porch on the first day of fall.  Everything looks normal - the leaves have turned and are starting to drop, the grass is bone dry, the shadows are long and low.  I should be contemplating stews and roasts; instead I am sipping on a glitter gun with extra ice. 

To further confuse our sense of seasons, I interrupted the Spousal Unit while he was watching university football to tell him about ditchball.  I suspects ours was the only university to have the annual ditchball tradition, but I could be wrong.

I played a couple of times, at night when the ditch wasn't being used by the Architecture students, but I don't recall our games being quite this violent.  Rank amateurs, we were.

What odd sporting traditions do you recall from your school days?


bloody awful poetry said...

Ditchball looks ridiculous and it also the best thing I've seen all week! You must have been a champ at this game. There are no odd sporting traditions at my uni, although a couple of friends on an exchange trip to Singapore have reported the existence of residential hall Quidditch leagues over there. Jealous as all hell.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wasn't so much a champ, BAP - more of a stand against the wall and hope to survive type of ditchball player. It is a crazy game though. The cold does strange things to people.
I do believe that the OFKAR's university has a Quidditch league as well!

Eugene Knapik said...

wow, that's bat crazy. I bet it's lots of fun though

John Mutford said...

What the hell's a glitter gun?

Anonymous said...

Does playing quarters count?

I recall snow basketball where snowballs replaced the actual basketball on outdoor courts. Obviously we seldom were able to play.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

With good boots and enough padding, it's crazy fun, Eugene!

A glitter gun is a refreshing summer drink I invented, John - half tonic water, half club soda with a wedge of lime over lots of ice.

How do you play quarters, Rebelle? I would like to give it a shot.
Now, why did I never play snow basketball? No snow shortage ever where I went to school.

Anonymous said...

Quarters is a beer drinking game. You flip quarters into a glass containing beer. When sucessful you drink the contents. It would be a bore these days as I'm sure everybody would be so bug conscious antibacterial wipes would ruin the flow of the game along with each player wanting to use his/her own coin.

Anonymous said...

I never knew about ditchball! I should have known about that. I must have been too busy being studious


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I have played that, Rebelle! We just never had a name for it. And you're right; it would not be the same today, with those germophobic wussies playing.

Your university days were wasted, Kelly!