Wednesday, September 19, 2012

block, meet distraction

Sentences a convoluted jumble of imagery and punctuation, far too long.  Or too short.  Words fighting for a place on the page, determined to assert their dominance over those other lesser words. 

A dozen opening sentences, discarded but not deleted, piled up at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes it's easier to just keep researching, to lose yourself in facts and dates and tell yourself it's progress.


Anonymous said...

I should think this little diversion of words cleared the cache. You are free to go!

Eugene Knapik said...

Go away from it for a while. Take a walk. Crank up some tunes. Then, when writing isn't looking, sneak up on it and take advantage of the element of surprise.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Excellent news, Rebelle! Have gotten rid of the mental cookies and am looking at a fresh page.

I think I have successfully managed to distract writing by going to work last night, Eugene. Today, it will not know what hit it!