Wednesday, August 01, 2012

playing in the daylight: Calgary Folk Fest 2012 days three & four

These things I remember fondly about Saturday and Sunday of the folk festival:

- Sitting in the shade next to the Spousal Unit on a toasty Saturday morning, sipping on a Timmie's and rocking out to Eve Hell and the Razors' infectious psycho-billy, is pretty close to heaven.
Eve Hell is my newest girl crush.

- German techno is the latest form of folk music: Rae Spoon

- In Scotland it's illegal to play music during the daylight, unless you're still playing from the night before: Shooglenifty

-  I don't know why I used to be intimidated to do artists' contracts.  The hardest part is finding the good calculator.

- Alejandra Robles' merch person giving me a CD in thanks was really sweet.

- Joey Glynn, bassist for Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three giving me the poster I admired and then signing it for me was super awesome.

- He didn't play any Replacements during the workshop in which I saw him, but apparently Justin Townes Earle performed Can't Hardly Wait in his mainstage set. 

- John Doe played a bunch of X songs!

- Met a lot of fascinating people during artist cashout, but still wish I could have seen some of the mainstage and more of the workshops.  Next year I'll definitely have the Clonomatic 6000 functional.  


Anonymous said...

I can understand your crush - I was swept in instantly by your image of her. Wow! Can I steal this pic?

Oh, and yes I'm at it again...blogging I mean...for how long who can say.

Anonymous said...

looks like great fun. I see banjo in there, such a great sound. Psychobilly, can be so much fun to listen to.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Steal away, Rebelle! You can even have the image of the grumpy-looking man in the background.
So glad to hear you are blogging once again!

Banjo's do have a great sound, Kelly, but I really love the dramatic visuals of a big standup bass.

bloody awful poetry said...

German techno folk? Bu I was just getting used to the existence of Teutonic folk metal! Also I must totally check out this Eve Hell person.

umbrellalady said...

The energy is your first pic is wonderful - what a great show she must put on!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

All these new (and I suspect, completely fabricated) genres are confusing to me as well, BAP. But they sound good!

She puts on an amazing show, Kathy! The way she slaps that bass around - awesome overload.

Allison said...

Love that first picture!

Banjos are the new violin. They are taking over this year!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Al, I really feel like that photo captured her essence.
Accordions are getting up there too, along with banjos!