Thursday, July 12, 2012

you can't get there from here

When you are staffing a Calgary music festival booth at the Stampede, you get a quite a few people stopping by to ask questions.  Not all that many questions are about festivals, however, or even about music.

Here are some of yesterday's queries:
 -   Where do I pick up tickets to see the Super Dogs?
-   Is there a kids' midway?  Where is it?
-   I'm trying to get to Banff.  Is there a bus or something that goes there?
-   A few years ago, the Lions Club used to barbeque an entire cow to make beef sandwiches.  Do they still do that?

Can't wait to see what today brings.  

Oddest question you have ever fielded at work?

In other news, we have a winner in our Hundred Thousand Pieces album giveaway contest.  

Jen rocked the nostalgia vote by suggesting Ryan Dahl from Limblifter should release a solo album, while Sean made us smack our foreheads and go of course, with his suggestion that it was time for Arcade Fire's Win Butler to release a solo album.  It was a squeaker, but ultimately Sean's name emerged from the big black sorting hat.  

Give it up for Sean! 


Allison said...

I get questions all the time like that at the museum.

A lot of people think we should know the numbers or have information on all other museums in BC. When I first started I might have looked up a number, or something quick for them. Now, I bluntly say. "Use Google. I'm not a phonebook."

But really, is there a bus that goes to Banff?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You really don't have all the phone numbers plus business hours to all the BC museums memorized, Al? For shame!

I applaud your bluntness! We should all do that more often. "Do I look like Greyhound?"