Sunday, July 01, 2012

too far to walk to anywhere from here

There are certain rituals that must be adhered to with each road trip - the proud announcing of each 100 km interval, the precise noting of each hour logged.  These are time-honoured traditions of the road.  They give the glassy-eyed traveler something to look forward to while plowing forward with a unfaltering gaze on the horizon.  

These rites of passage also allow you to celebrate the little victories, the fact that you shaved 36 minutes from the trip on your return home.  1,110 kms in 9 hours and 54 minutes is so much more brag-worthy than the same distance in 10 and a half hours.

Recently I have felt compelled to keep a road kill tally.  The trip of a couple of years ago, when the dead deer count reached nine, highlighted the toll that the Trans Canada takes on wildlife.  Thankfully there were only three deer on this particular road kill report, but their numbers were replaced by two or three racoons, a porcupine, and a possible otter.  There was also a crow for whose death we take personal responsibility, the one that did not survive an encounter with our windshield.

The forces of nature made themselves known on this road trip as well.  Not while we were barreling down the highway, fortunately.  Unlike that trip a few years back, there was no need to keep on eye on a swirling sky, while trying to maintain control of the steering wheel and look for a good ditch in which to take shelter.  This time the crazy winds happened while we were on a sidetrip to Brandon, to attend a family bbq.  While we were away, the wind took the roof off the Rossburn municipal building a few miles down the road from our place.  We escaped with the loss of a single tree and no power for a few hours after our return.

It was a great trip.  We love our little place, especially now that we are starting to furnish it, to make it comfortable and inviting.  Give us a few more years and we'll have all the luxuries - running water and indoor plumbing.  But for now, we'll haul water in jugs, cook on the bbq or in an electric frying pan, and keep the coolers filled with ice.  

Stay tuned for people and places photos - family gatherings, local oddities, and cottage rooms starting to take shape.

Where do you like to escape to?


Allison said...

That deck!! It looks lovely. I would love to escape there (when you have running water). ;)

Glad you made it back safe and sound. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We shall have to plan a Communique there once we have all the big city luxuries in place, Al. All the deck-sitting you want will be yours!

Anonymous said...

it looks very nice there, what lake is it on?

my favourite place to escape to is Chesterman Beach, near Tofino.


Allison said...

I think that's a great idea. It would be great to a have a retreat where there aren't other distractions, just out in the wilderness. Of course we'd need power sources to play the music. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's on Tokaryk Lake, Kelly, near Olha.
Are you near Chesterman Beach? Escapes are easier to plan when they are close by.

No problem, Al, we've got power! But that's about it. At least we'll have music, though.

linda aka leaz/vicomtesse said...

Where's the boat????

You are so blessed to have that set up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's under the deck, L! But we didn't use it this trip.
So nice to hear from you!