Wednesday, July 18, 2012

slip into the sea

The excitement levels around here are off the chain these days.  Why, you ask?  Check this:

1.  The OFKAR comes home today for three glorious weeks, first visit since Christmas.  Commence the porch-sitting, the witty repartee, the belly rubs.

2.  The Calgary Folk Music Festival begins in just over a week. Beirut!  Jeff Mangum!  The Barr Brothers!  Eve Hell & the Razor!  Gillian Welch!  Little Scream!  John Doe!  Justin Townes Earl! Rae Spoon!  Whitehorse!  Reuben & the Dark!  Chris Isaak! The Rural Alberta Advantage!  I could go on all day, really.

3.  Communiqu3 plans are gelling nicely.  The Seattle house has been booked, and Frightened Rabbit tickets have been secured.  Music, laughter and exploring one of my favourite cities, all in the company of fine friends - it does not get much better than that.

4.  The shrieker who was visiting the Trampoline family next door has finally gone home.  Peace reigns.  I am rather hoping that the Lawnmower kids return from their vacation soon though, because even though they can be loud, they always manage to say something amazing.

5.  The Spousal Unit is cooking up his world famous hot wings tonight to celebrate the OFKAR's triumphant return.  This despite the fact that the mercury is planning to hover around 30C today.  That's fatherly love at its finest.  

What's getting you excited today?


Allison said...

What's getting me excited about today? Definitely some of those things on your list!

So happy things are coming together for Seattle in October - cannot wait!

I hope you have a wonderful three weeks with Eva home! I am also looking forward to your folk festival reviews, they always make me feel as though I was there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Seattle is going to be such fun, Al. Your idea to book a house was brilliant.

I shall definitely keep my eyes and ears wide open during folk fest, and report back.

Lesley said...

So much fun for you!

I am having BLTs for dinner and I do not have to cook them. Yeehaw!

Linda said...

Once again we plan to vacation in the NW in October but I fear we are headed south - drat!!!! Who knows, plans change...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh man, that is aces, Lesley! I love BLTs but hate cooking bacon.

The number of times that we both go to Seattle, you would think we would have run into one another by now, Linda. But, as you say, who knows!

umbrellalady said...

Folk Festival is starting tonight here in Brandon as well. Won a pair of tickets from good ole' CBC! Will be going if they ever get here. Supposedly they were mailed out on Monday afternoon - funny how it takes five days to travel 2 1/4 hours. sigh.