Thursday, May 17, 2012

in the battle of man and machine

If the filter ever rips, we are hooped.

We've been using the same filter in the canister of our central vac for the past two years, as they no longer make filters for our model.  The canister also cannot be removed from the wall for emptying anymore, so cleaning it out involves removing the filter very cautiously, shaking the dust off it, and then reaching into the canister with your hand to remove all the crap you vacuumed up last time.

This is the only central vacuum that I have any experience with, it having come with the house, and I have never liked it.  There is only one outlet for the hose and consequently that hose does not reach all the way into the upstairs en-suite bathroom.  Which, stupidly, happens to be carpeted.  Plus, when vacuuming carpets, you have to stop every five passes and pick all the hair/dust off the vacuum head and feed it into the hose manually because the vacuum cleaner doesn't have adequate suction to pick up hair by itself.  I guess it's no wonder it takes two hours to vacuum the house.

Losingest.  Vacuum cleaner.  Ever.
We tried buying a small vacuum cleaner a few years ago, but the motor burned out.  Evidently vacuum cleaners hate us as much as we hate them.

I cannot wait to rip out these nasty gross carpets and replace them with something that is not carpet.  I don't care what.  I would prefer dirt floors, to be honest.

Do you have an appliance that continually defeats you?


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I can't stand half-ass vacuums. How do you bear it???

ofkar said...

When it comes time to move, you guys should just blow up the house. Between land and insurance you should break even.

It's the Vancouver model.

umbrellalady said...

Ask your brother about his dyson animal - great vacumn! I used to leave the house when he vac'd because my allergies would react so badly - don't have to anymore.

Allison said...

My parents had a central vac in their house (there when we moved in) and used it once, and returned to our previous vacuum. Which after 25 years, still works.

The GPS continually defeats me. I loathe them.

mister anchovy said...

Keep in mind that even really good vacuums are bad vacuums. Vacuums are inherently evil. Down with vacuums. I dislike vacuuming so much that in our house I made a deal such that I clean the cat litter in exchange for not vacuuming. Tuffy P could have held out for an even more spectacular deal. That's how much I don't like vacuuming.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't bear it, Vicomtesse, which is why I rarely vacuum.

Good plan, OFKAR, and I shall walk away slowly from the explosion, without looking back.

In my next life ... errrr ... house, I should get one of those, Kathy. Certainly not another central vac.

So it's not just me, Al, everyone hates central vacs! Vindication!
GPS are evil, always trying to murder you in a lake.

I must be doing something wrong, Mr Anchovy, because I do both. I think you actually got a pretty good bargain.

Anonymous said...

front loading washing machine.

The drum is two halves bolted together and with the high speed spinning and agitating the bolts loosen every year or so. I have to take the top and sides off the machine and tighten the bolts. On some I can barely squeeze my arm and wrench down to the bolts and tighten them a 30th of a turn at a time.


~Jen~ said...

I just bought a new vacuum...I want to sleep with it and its self winding cord.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm impressed that you haven't thrown the washing machine through the window yet, Kelly. I'm think I may have by now.

Soooo jealous, Jen! I might even vacuum more than 6 times a year if I had a fancy one like yours.