Tuesday, April 17, 2012

meanwhile, in 604

Once again I have forgotten to pack the little cord that allows me to upload images from my camera to my computer. It's probably for the best, since it means sparing you the photo I took of the hotel bathroom floor. It's covered in a highly glossy black tile, almost mirror-like, so that you can look down and view a bottom-up image of yourself sitting on the toilet. TMI, I know.

Instead I will give you a much more palatable photo taken by the OFKAR, a much better photographer than I.

I had a lovely start to this trip, meeting two old friends for dim sum, neither of whom knew one another. We were all at the University of Manitoba at the same time, however. One of my friends had a flight to catch, but my other friend and I spent the remainder of the unexpectedly warm and sunny afternoon walking, buying art supplies, shaking our heads at ostentatious yachts, and finally lingering over beers on an oceanside patio. Talking, talking, talking, and solving the world's problems.

Back at the hotel last evening, in our room on the 29th floor, I realized I had a great view into the apartment building next door. Naturally I indulged in some snooping, particularly of the penthouse suite. Three levels of floor to ceiling windows, and a spiral staircase leading to a rooftop patio. Probably safely out of my price range.

This afternoon, I am meeting with more of my Vancouver ladies, for sushi and a wander, and then later picking up the OKFAR on the heels of her final exam. A trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery (locally known as the VAG, pronounced vaj, of course) may also be in the works.

But first I have to tear apart the rental car, in order to figure out how to turn off the back windshield wiper that I inadvertently activated while reversing into my parking spot. Either that, or it better rain.


oflkar said...

Locals mostly pronounce it like "vague". My cohorts and I are just really immature.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's one of your greatest charms, OFKAR.

mister anchovy said...

fortunately you're in Vancouver and rain will likely save the day on the windshield wiper problem

Barbara Bruederlin said...

True enough, Mr Anchovy. True to form, it's now raining. After I fixed the wiper issue, naturally.

LesleyG said...

Sounds like a very good time.
And, yes, where DOES all the giant yacht money come from?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It does not come from anybody that I know, I can tell you that much, Lesley. I'm more in the rubber dingy tax bracket.