Monday, April 09, 2012

it's just a trick of the light, don't panic

Three articles to write. Two shifts to work at Cantos/NMC. One John K Samson concert. Plus about 3 million bits of paper and snippets of data to organize into tax claims. This all needs to be done before our flight next week at this time. Good thing I don't have a normal job.

In university I always seemed to write an exam on Easter Monday, so spending the day shuffling papers and cyphering business expenses is pleasant by contrast. Besides, it's Get Your Own Damn Supper Day, compliments of the noble bird who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to grace our table last night. Even if turkey weren't so incredibly delicious, it would still be my favourite meat, just for the leftover possibilities it offers. If I play my cards right, I can get away with only having to prepare supper three times this week. Don't tell the Spousal Unit.

He's got meetings on the wet coast next week, so I am tagging along on an air miles flight and crashing for free in his hotel room. I won't get to see much of the OFKAR, as she will be writing exams, but I will help her move a few boxes into temporary storage at a friend's place. There is a week's lag between when she has to move out of the Non-Judgment Zone and when she takes over the lease on the new digs.

I can't wait to do a walk-by of NJZ 2.0. It looks to be perfectly situated, close to the university, bus, shops and Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It will be hard, not having the OFKAR come home for the summer, but knowing she is set up with housing for the year, with good roommates, will make the silence of home a little less jarring.


Anonymous said...

You are having way too much fun! Enjoy!

LesleyG said...

I am glad one of us is out properly galavanting! :)

Allison said...

Best of luck finishing all your writing projects this week!

Sad I'm going to miss you next week while you're'll just have to visit in the summer. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm actually rather spoiled that way, Vicomtesse. I insist upon getting my minimum daily requirement of fun.

I should have been putting my previous "staying in and not gallivanting" time to better use, Lesley.

I'm really sad that I will miss you too, Al. I'm really happy that you get to visit home, but I wish I had been able to time this trip better. A summer visit is a must!

umbrellalady said...

Have fun in Van.

Guess you'll have to adopt my youngest as yours for now. Not the same, I know, but she is entertaining!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's nice to have another relative in town, Kathy, we had a good get together the other night.